Khatri Tours & Travels is a leading Recruitment agency based in India. That provides job solutions to job seekers and employers. The Agency was accepted in 1991 and has since provided quality services to its clients. With its vast network and skill, Khatri Tours & Travels has become a trusted name in the Recruitment industry in India. This introduction will explore Khatri Tours & Travels and its various side.

Mr Munshi khan founded Khatri Tours & Travels. Who has more than 20 years of experience in the Recruitment industry? Mr Munshi Khan realized the need for a good Recruitment agency to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. With this vision in mind, the official Khatri Tours & Travels is now a trusted industry name.

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Why Choose Khatri Tours & Travels?

Wide Network

Khatri Tours & Travels has a vast network of employers across different industries. This means that job seekers have access to a variety of job openings.

Visa and Travel Services

Khatri Tours & Travels provide visa and travel services to job seekers. Who wish to work abroad. This means that job seekers can benefit from a  shop for all their Employment needs.

Trusted Name

Khatri Tours & Travels has become a trusted name in the Recruitment industry in India. The Agency has a reputation for giving quality services to its clients.

Experienced Recruiters

Khatri Tours & Travels has a team of professional Recruiters. Who can help employers find fit candidates for their job openings? This also means that job seekers can benefit from the skill of these Recruiters.


Khatri Tours & Travels provides the best Recruitment solutions to employers. The Agency’s best pricing model can help employers save on Recruitment costs.


Recruitment Company in Qatar

In 2010 Khatri Tours and Travels with Inception Analysis, Incorporated to strengthen its expertise in recruitment issues and opened its first office in Doha, Qatar. Since then, the company has expanded into the Gulf and Asia branches.

We are one of the largest recruitment companies providing outsourcing services process outsourcing services to global businesses from India.


Partner with global companies with Khatri Tours and Travels to fill vacancies. We help companies recruit the simplest industry talent from across the centre of the Middle East and Asia

  • Overseas Recruitment
  • Management
  • Head Hunting Services
  • Large International Network
  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Training Employment Services

Our experience

Global Recruitment Services 88%
Job Portal Services 85%
Staffing Service 81%
Manpower Recruitment 97%

Our team

  • Munshi Khan

    Founder & CEO A great way for entrepreneurs to extend their chances of success is to review their...

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  • Muskan Khan

    Chief Finance Officer

    Business Executive Develops vertical expertise to successfully meet business development objectives....

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  • Prakash Taral

    VP Sales and Marketing

    Recruitment Specialist Officer I have been in this industry for almost 8 years. I am responsible...

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  • Sagar Utekar

    Chief Marketing Officer

    He has helped Business WordPress Theme reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding...

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  • Jennifer Bernales


    As we help other companies grow, she helps us grow. She handles all the internal work at WP consulting...

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  • Mustakeem Khan

    Tax Consultant

    Tax laws and regulations are some of the most complicated and infuriating parts of the financial...

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Khatri Tours and Travels Manpower Consultant founded in 1998 with six offices branches offices dedicated to integrity and excellence in recruitment and consulting.