Plaster Mason

Plaster Mason, nationality Indian.

MASON-PLASTERER description Employees during this job participate in and oversee the development, maintenance, and repair of brick, cement, stone, and plaster for buildings, bridges, roads, or other structures. There are three classifications during this job. Position Code Title – Mason-Plasterer.

Assigns and schedules specific tasks to workers and inspects completed work, such as
maintaining and repairing masonry, plaster, and mortar (which includes mixing, surface
preparation and application of the materials used).
Plans work from blueprints or specifications and layout jobs, such as construction and
repair of concrete structures (walls, bases, floors, stairways, curbs) requiring the use of
hand and power cement mixers, air hammers, and other necessary tools and
Directs and coordinates the assembly of materials such as in-office remodeling, which
may include lathing, hanging channel iron in a suspended ceiling, plastering and laying
tile including surface preparation, mixing materials using hand and power mixers, and
other necessary functions.