Prakash Taral Recruitment Specialist Officer

I have been in this industry for almost 8 years. I am responsible for the monitoring and improvement...

areas of expertise
  • Recruitment and Job Interviewing Skills.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Basic Project Management Skill.
  • Process Improvement Skills.
  • Communication Skills.
  • MBA, Mumbai University

I have been during this industry for nearly 8 years. I’m responsible for the monitoring and improvement of the recruitment process within the organization. Tracks the list of the recruitment agencies and their terms and conditions; introduces standardized terms and conditions for the recruitment vendors if possible.

Utilizing Social Media for  Talent Recruitment could even be a requirement. It’s a purchase Tool we’ve embraced – But not at the price of our  Stringent  candidates Screening processes.

As a Recruitment Specialist, responsibilities include liaising with potential candidates online and offline, selecting applications and supporting the hiring of managers. Evaluating candidates for positions in various fields and seniority levels, meeting client requirements. Ultimately, responsible for hiring qualified people, while maintaining a positive candidate experience.


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