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Khatri tours and Travels job Consultants is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in Mumbai hiring leaders for the leading organizations. Being one of the top recruitment agencies in India.

Welcome to Khatri tours and travels. consulting in India. We provide the quality talent. We will discuss the recruitment process for our company. The method of recruitment is selecting a private and to ensure that they fit the job description perfectly.

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We analyze a client’s will and recruit the simplest candidate for the job. After negotiating the proposal, we confirm that the candidates join the organization. Understand the recruitment process consulting services in extra detail.

  1. The first step is to share the job description. Once the empanelment formalities are completed the customer shares a detailed description of the Khatri tours and travels placement consultant and Khatri tours and travels give total recruiting solutions.
  2. Step two is a single point of contact for each account ie SPOC. An account human resources manager is assigned an executive recruiter or talent acquisition team for the smooth coordination of the recruitment consulting process.
  3. Step three is a detailed discussion on JD Share. The account manager then conducts primary research followed by in-depth discussions with the client to find out the key orders for the assigned role.
  4. Step four is to approve mandatory skills. The JD is then summarized and mailed to the customer for approval and input. Mandatory skills become the rules for examining candidates and identifying relevant profiles. Once approval from the client is received in the mail, our executive search process is initiated for a given requirement.
  5. The latter stage is compensatory benchmarking. We do compensation benchmarking to see if suitable candidates are available. According to skills and JD’s mandatory years of experience.
  6. Phase six is ​​the initial screening. A pool of candidates matching the job role is approached from sources such as professional networking sites, company databases, references, job portals, and headquarters techniques. A telephonic screening is carried out according to the rules laid down by our profile to ascertain the interests of the candidate.
  7. Step seven requires confirmation from candidates. We inform the candidates about the corporate profile and therefore take the necessary email confirmation before sharing the job role and your CV. Candidates are shortlisted at a later stage.
  8. CVs are then shared with the client along with the recruiter’s comments on key relevant mandatory skills. The customer shares feedback after reviewing the CV. During the move, the customer was interviewed.
  9. Interview rounds, other assessments, and assignments are carried out according to a pre-determined schedule until the right candidate is selected.
  10. Step ten is to offer negotiation. The most important step is a negotiation and provides discussion.

The final step of this process is the inclusion of the candidate. The proper observance is completed until the candidate joins the organization. Notifications are sent to the customer and candidates before the joining date and after joining.

Let’s have a look at the questions asked by the customers. We have already sent the details of the work and the necessary details are therefore necessary for discussion? For any given situation, a truly accurate search is performed to filter the relevant CVs for the specified role.

A correct understanding of the mandate is desirable to spot the appropriate talent, screen, and approach. Accordingly, job descriptions and company profiles are sent to the interested candidate. Post discussion, why approve work details?

To ensure that each major skill is noted properly and any pending or additional details are often included. This helps us maintain transparency about the company, candidates will have the right information with them.

This seems to be a complete process, how can you ensure that we are following TAT? It is a life-long process that takes time to be difficult and helps accelerate the recruitment process outsourcing RPO.

It also helps us in counseling candidates for the role, so that they can easily apply for the job. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Whether being an executive or a blue collared job, we assist our clients within the best … Further, our senior consultants have worked within the top Indian and global companies private limited.

Khatri Tours and Travels Manpower Consultant founded in 1998 with six offices branches offices dedicated to integrity and excellence in recruitment and consulting.